Save Energy is a Lighting Company with focus on delivering cutting edge technology, and energy costsaving solutions focusing on the benefit of LED technology.

Through 10 years of research and development we have a wide range of expertise and knowledge. We have already delivered and concluded many projects that have given us valuable experience, to deliver systems and solutions for Lighting that satisfy the need, both for today and for the future.

We have developed a concept where we are able to act as complete provider for our customers, in other words we can deliver tailored made complete product lines according to the needs of our customer´s.

Save Energy co-operate with several producers worldwide producing our own exclusive products. This enable us to deliver lighting exactly according to our customers needs and wishes, without compromising when it comes to form, quality or other advantages.

Save Energy is also able to rent out or finance our products via EPC (Energy Purchase Contracts) for the time being, only for the Norwegian Market.

If your Company wants to save money on your lighting, and at the same time save the enviroment, contact Save Energy today for a talk and receive an Excel Spread Sheet documenting the saving possible.